Monday, June 15, 2009

summer revision smackdown: week three

Progress, not perfection, Right?

Although I haven't achieved the exact goals I set in my first two weeks of the Summer Revision Smackdown, I have achieved a fair amount. I am close to finishing the finished artwork for page one and I started the manuscript revision.

The artwork required more than I thought when I set my goal to finish page one and two within the first two weeks. Some things like Nik's notebook, and her pen, which feature often in the story, required templates to help me keep their visual consistency. And I've been struggling with the handwriting that appears in Nik's notebook. It is a cursive I designed off an Emigre font called Matrix Script. The challenge is to hand draw this cursive lettering while ensuring a legibility for the age group who will be reading my graphic novel (9-12).

I would still like to get the whole graphic novel packet finished and ready to send out to the publisher as my Smackdown Grand Finale — that was my very first stated goal — but to do that, I will have to put in twice the hours, which is possible, as the work I've done thus far has been very part-time. I think I can do this! Wish me luck!

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