Friday, June 26, 2009

summer revision smackdown: week four

This week, the last pledged to the Summer Revision Smackdown (phase one — there may be more to come!), I decided to focus solely on my manuscript revisions. Trying to accomplish manuscript revisions and finished illustrations in the same time frame wasn't working for me. Could be a left brain right brain conflict. Who knows!

Anyway, I just wrote. Now I have eight pages left to revise. I aim to finish by tomorrow afternoon so I can post my progress on Cuppa Jolie, where Jolie Stekly is hosting the last postings of this Smackdown session (the other amazing woman in the Summer Smackdown dynamic duo is Holly Cupala, of Brimstone Soup).

Now, back to revisioning. Go, Karen, go!


  1. Yay, Karen!

    You know, I had the best intentions of getting my WIP outlined and had trouble doing both. I know other writers pull it off, but I didn't get it done--at least not this month.

    And yes...phase 1. Phase 2, here we come (at least in a few days).