Monday, December 9, 2013

out with fruit baskets, in with wag pacs!

Maximo, Lulu and I received our first Wag Pac in the mail recently, and this short clip shows us discovering the treats and toys inside. Wag Pacs, created by Dogtime, are delivered to your door on a subscription basis, and should be available for order by Christmas.

A one month subscription is $29 per box, 3 months for $24, and the best deal of all is a 6 month subscription for $19 per box. An excellent way to surprise and treat your loved ones, both canine and human! In addition to enjoying your dogs' delight, a percentage of the cost of of your Wag Pac subscriptions go to a local animal shelter of your choosing. We chose for our donation to go to Animal Talk of King County.

Enjoy the film, my ridiculous dog voice, and the wagging tails of Maximo and Lulu as they investigate their Wag Pac!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My tribute to National Handwriting Day. May the desire to make marks upon surfaces (reference the caves of lascaux) never be extinguished.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Wednesday, November 14th

Saturated in rare November sunshine. We worship you, and all your glories!

Walkies: Shilshole Bay Marina. Looping around Golden Gardens, we said HELLO! to a colony of ducks overwintering on Golden Gardens' Freshwater Pond.

The Pond turtles, like old Russians, bare midriffs exposed and bare arms outstretched on benches of the Local Park, absorbing precious Vitamin D. The turtles, too, make the most of the moment.

As the sun fell, in a brilliant pink ball, we admired its glorious descent into another world where it is not darkness, but day.

Monday, October 15, 2012

monday color study: fall's first flush

Clouds and rain made all the colors of fall's first flush that much more luminous during today's wet Discovery Park walk.

Each bilateral leaf is a full color Rorschach, each side a mirror of the other but with organic variation. One could gaze at them for hours!

But we are all soaking and the dogs care not for leaf gazing, so home we go, a few select leaves in my sodden pocket.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

my summer vacation

The chihuahuas and I were guests at the Arnim/Hucks estate on John's Island. No roads or running water in a cabin, hand built by Bill Hucks and his family within a grove of Madrona trees and a sea of native grasses.

This is a shot of my notebook, my muses (Maximo & Lulu), and Haro Straight (to the left). I went swimming in Haro Straight. Was that ever refreshing! After fifteen minutes I lost the ability to use my limbs. Coming ashore, I fell back into the water, my legs were so uselesss! I staggered up onto the rocky shore and Dana, and her daughter Kate, buried me under the rocks, hot from a day in the sun. The cold in my limbs surrendered to the sun's residual heat.

What is heaven on earth but moments, and minutes, such as these?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

king of the wild frontier

Maximo got into another fight with a raccoon. This time, the wounds looked like nail punctures in his meaty thigh. Maximo is fine now (four medications and ten days later), but as the wounds heal, he wants to lick them! In reality, he doesn't wear a coon skin cap, but a cape covering his itchy haunch.

I could draw Maximo wearing the cape, but the difference between being drawn wearing a cape and a coon skin cap* is significant, given the cape is really a wrinkled napkin.

Lulu is as obsessed with the spot where Maximo vs. Raccoon 2012 took place as Maximo is with the spot on his thigh where the fight left its marks. She runs to the spot and barks at the memory, tirelessly telling off that nasty wild beastie.

Maximo was so lucky (again!) as a raccoon could so easily kill him. Maximo! King of the wild frontier! Let's hope it stays that way.

*The animal who inspired the coon skin cap drawing still roams free. Beware all domestic animals on night patrol! The danger is real!