Tuesday, June 9, 2009

dogs and lawn daisies

It's been awhile, but the ridiculously cute dog photos are back. I'll try to post one a week, because really, if you can't handle at least one ridiculously cute dog photo per week, well, there must be something wrong with you, and you should have yourself evaluated by a psychiatrist.

This photo was taken in Lower Woodland, on the georgous lemonade day in May that inspired my last Color Monday palette. Can you smell the grass? Feel the breeze? And through the trees, Greenlake sparkles like the cobalt heavens.


  1. Oooo yes, please, at least one ridiculously cute dog photo per week please. I love this photo. I can see their sniffers working in overdrive or whatever the expression is.

  2. One cute dog photo per week is a fun idea. I'll look forward to it.