Monday, June 8, 2009

summer revision smackdown: day eight

Week two of the Summer Revision Smackdown begins, with a long list of writers and illustrators who posted their progress in week one on the blogs of our incredible organizers, Jolie and Holly. It is energizing to read about other people's successes and struggles, and the goals that were announced, attained, exceeded, or not.

Whip of the week went to Helen Landalf and Kjersten Anna Hayes who both set out to accomplish a lot and then accomplished even more than that. With these examples of industry before me, I'm thinking I better get back to work!

But first, this week's goals for the Summer Revision Smackdown:

Last week, I had partial success on finishing the final art for page one of my graphic novel submission. This week, now that I'm primed, I am going to finish the final art for page one and page two, and do one read through of my manuscript before I start revising.

Okay! There they are. My goals for week two. Tick tock!

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