Friday, January 23, 2009

sunny day, chasing the cats away...

In answer to a question posted by my friend Jamie, yes! Goggles are available for bike rides in the dog basket, but not for swimming. Who needs goggles when swimming dog paddle?* As soon as dogs learn how to do the crawl, or butterfly, swim goggles will most likely become a high priority for the dog goggle manufacturing industry. Until then, keep up with the swimming lessons.

This particular pair of goggles are called Doggles. They are worn here by my girl Lulu. During the photo shoot, Lulu tried to get the Doggles OFF (she's not that into accessories). I would distract her from her bedoggled dismay with another doggy num-num, and she would reward me by posing again. She is such a good girl, like it or not.

*Answer: nobody.

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