Thursday, January 22, 2009

the solution to all my problems

Puppies! Awww, aren't they adorable? These are my puppies, Maximo (with the wiener) and Lulu (without). If I'm sad — snuggling with, walking outside with, riding around on my bike with — my dogs make me feel better. In my book, Dog is love.

Using TiltShiftMaker, a hot tip from Kim Baker, this photo became a mock miniature. The technique works best on photos that have a significant depth of field. Photos with less depth, like mine, become dreamy. See fantastic examples here, and make your own here!


  1. Much like the toilet, I do not understand how TiltShiftMaker works, but I don't care because you are sharing a puppers photo! Do they make goggles for chihuahuas for bike riding?

  2. Your puppies melt my heart! Oh my goodness they are cute.

    Thanks for the nice comments about my Book Dragon, Karen Ann.