Monday, January 26, 2009

floaties and waterwings

It's cold today. Brrr, freezing cold. Ice fills the birdbath. Our fountain still streams through a hole kept clear by running water. It's a good day to remember summer. Hence, floaties and waterwings, as modeled here by these lovely dogs. These rough sketches are from a work in progress (a picture book!).

1) This is an American Eskimo dog, fully furry!. He wears a floatie, though he doesn't need it. He needs a swim. It's summer, remember? And this boy is panting hot.

2) If anyone needs waterwings, it's this heavy, short-legged American Bulldog.

3) What about this French Bulldog, who is also short-legged, though not so stout? Of course the American is heavier than the French. Good thing they don't have to share. Bull? Dog? Share? I don't think so.

4) A Cardigan Welsh Corgie is ready to go, swim goggles carried carefully in her mouth. She certainly wouldn't want to scratch the lenses! Dear me!

5) Lastly, we have three Pekingese in a floatie, looking up. See their happy paws hanging out? A birds eye view!

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