Saturday, August 29, 2009

illustration friday: caution

When I focus on writing, I forget all about illustrations. I've been focused on writing for months now, and surely my illustration skills are suffering.

Enter Illustration Friday. A word is assigned, and participants illustrate the word. It's liberating not to have to think of a subject, and fun to explore ways to express the word. I am probably going to consistently use characters from the Nik Notebooks. I need to practice drawing them as much as I need to practice drawing.

There are a number of things about this illustration I'd change, if it were not intended to be an exercise, and if I wanted to retain my death grip on ideas of perfection. But I am learning how to get things done, and letting go of getting those things done perfectly. Perfection is a crutch, and I am tossing it out with the recycling.

So here, one day late, is my piece for Illustration Friday. The word is caution. That's Nik on the bridge, which is an engineering miracle. Maximo and Lulu are in the backpack.


  1. Cool I love the sketch and especially, "perfectionism is a crutch. I'm throwing it out with the recycling."

    Preach it sister. It's my crutch too and I desperately need to do some of my own recycling. Thanks.

  2. Oh, yeah, Karen Ann! I needed to read this today. Love the sketch, and the "engineering miracle" bridge!