Monday, August 24, 2009

color monday: rejects

Since colors evoke feelings, and memories sometimes, I want to try a more interactive approach to Color Monday.

I'll number the posts instead of naming them after my inspiration, so as not to make this all about my experience. What about yours? Do these colors mean anything to you? Do they bring any feelings to the surface of your skull?

The story of these colors and my reflections:

These are the colors of our bathroom tiles. Rejected from several high end jobs, I gathered everything I thought could go together at a rejects sale. I'm reminded of semi-precious stones, hawaiian beaches and the sixties era swimming pool at the seattle ywca.


  1. They remind me of my grandma's earrings. These were attached to long elegant earlobes, stretched from all of her colorful/gaudy jewelry she always wore. She was always elegant and artistic. Funny how the colors triggered those memories of her. Thanks Karen

  2. wow! bjw, i can totally see her ears and heavy jewelry.

  3. Fun! I love that you are making this interactive. Great idea, Karen.

    These characters make me think of a huggable shaggy green monster. I wish I could say why.