Monday, August 17, 2009

color monday: index 4 x 6

This Color Monday debuts a new format. The original format of digital palettes were derived from my day job as colorista — designing palettes for web sites. I do love the clean numerical mixing of digital cmyk color.

But I sit in front of the computer so much already. I forget that I am an artist too, who needs unpredictability, and accidents of color to bleed into something suprising on the scrappy surface of an of index card.

I first wrote my graphic novel on index cards, 4 x 6, in tiny writing, scene by scene, before fleshing it out on the computer. Why not turn a writing tool into an art tool? I work well with parameters, and small spaces.

So I sat down in my studio. Brushes, paints, pencils arrayed before me like an artist's smorgasbord. Inspired by lunch, I painted the colors of green beans, sun gold and chocolate cherry tomatoes, an unripe green zebra tomato, and one golden plum, all on a 4 x 6. Yum.

In order: sun gold cherry tomato, golden plum, chocolate cherry tomato, green zebra tomato and green bean.

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