Tuesday, September 25, 2012

my summer vacation

The chihuahuas and I were guests at the Arnim/Hucks estate on John's Island. No roads or running water in a cabin, hand built by Bill Hucks and his family within a grove of Madrona trees and a sea of native grasses.

This is a shot of my notebook, my muses (Maximo & Lulu), and Haro Straight (to the left). I went swimming in Haro Straight. Was that ever refreshing! After fifteen minutes I lost the ability to use my limbs. Coming ashore, I fell back into the water, my legs were so uselesss! I staggered up onto the rocky shore and Dana, and her daughter Kate, buried me under the rocks, hot from a day in the sun. The cold in my limbs surrendered to the sun's residual heat.

What is heaven on earth but moments, and minutes, such as these?

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