Wednesday, September 19, 2012

king of the wild frontier

Maximo got into another fight with a raccoon. This time, the wounds looked like nail punctures in his meaty thigh. Maximo is fine now (four medications and ten days later), but as the wounds heal, he wants to lick them! In reality, he doesn't wear a coon skin cap, but a cape covering his itchy haunch.

I could draw Maximo wearing the cape, but the difference between being drawn wearing a cape and a coon skin cap* is significant, given the cape is really a wrinkled napkin.

Lulu is as obsessed with the spot where Maximo vs. Raccoon 2012 took place as Maximo is with the spot on his thigh where the fight left its marks. She runs to the spot and barks at the memory, tirelessly telling off that nasty wild beastie.

Maximo was so lucky (again!) as a raccoon could so easily kill him. Maximo! King of the wild frontier! Let's hope it stays that way.

*The animal who inspired the coon skin cap drawing still roams free. Beware all domestic animals on night patrol! The danger is real!

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