Wednesday, September 5, 2012

PICKLE by kimberly baker

Kim Baker, author of Pickle, The (Formerly) Anonymous PRANK CLUB of Fountain Point Middle School, had a book launch party at Secret Garden Books last night.

Pickle is about a boy, Ben, and his team of motley pranksters, who come together at their middle school under the auspices of a pickle making club, their creative cover for a focus on pranks, and in so doing, get to know themselves, and each other.

Put it on your reading list. It's FUNNY! And FUN! And guaranteed to encourage and inspire the prankster in all of us.

The illustration (at left, by me!) is of a limited selection of hors d'ouvres (aka bizarre treats and unmentionable eats) Kim and her Posse created for the book launch. The pickled (of course!) quail egg escabeche with jalapenos was my personal favorite.

I took three rubber roaches home and am excited to use them in a prank. This morning, I saw them on the table, where I left them last night, and had a split second freak out before I remembered they were rubber!

My question is: what is the difference between a prank and a con?


  1. Great illustrations. They are perfect for such a soiree! or, should I say, sour-ee? I look forward to gobbling up "Pickle" soon!

  2. Thanks, Karen! It was great to see you last night!
    And I think the difference is in the spirit of the giving. A (good) prank is a chance to connect with humor. A con has shadier implications.