Thursday, May 28, 2009

doggie dining 052809

Am I the only one who is fascinated by animals eating? Am I still nine? Tonight my husband had his flamenco rehearsal (he plays guitar for dancers and singers) so I ate dinner with the dogs. While they ate their chicken and vegetables, I sat on the floor and ate my chicken and no vegetables. It was so fun. For reals. And no, I am not nine. I am a grown up (that's why I get to eat no vegetables).

Earlier this evening...
Maximo and Lulu had the same old same old: steamed asparagus, chicken, carrots and oatmeal with chicken broth. Lucky dogs. They must have done some great stuff in a previous life to have gotten the opportunity to come back as these two. They are little pashas in the palace. Well groomed, well trained, well behaved and well loved.

They appear in fiction in THE NIK NOTEBOOKS, VOLUME ONE, THE SILVER SERPENT. As puppies so small Nik can hold both in one hand.

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