Monday, December 9, 2013

out with fruit baskets, in with wag pacs!

Maximo, Lulu and I received our first Wag Pac in the mail recently, and this short clip shows us discovering the treats and toys inside. Wag Pacs, created by Dogtime, are delivered to your door on a subscription basis, and should be available for order by Christmas.

A one month subscription is $29 per box, 3 months for $24, and the best deal of all is a 6 month subscription for $19 per box. An excellent way to surprise and treat your loved ones, both canine and human! In addition to enjoying your dogs' delight, a percentage of the cost of of your Wag Pac subscriptions go to a local animal shelter of your choosing. We chose for our donation to go to Animal Talk of King County.

Enjoy the film, my ridiculous dog voice, and the wagging tails of Maximo and Lulu as they investigate their Wag Pac!

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