Wednesday, September 16, 2009

what would nancy drew do?

If Nancy Drew were still sleuthing, would she invest in the new, affordable night vision goggles, however great the risk of seriously mussing her carefully groomed, titian hair?

In my current graphic novel, our heroine Nik, who doesn't invest much effort in her hair at all, is on a ranch in Mexico. At the moment, she's in the stable, listening to an argument between two thieves. Nik is unseen — safe behind mounded bags of feed and the additional cover of a black night.

She says under her breath: I knew should have traded that first edition of _____ for those night vision goggles!

The night vision goggles she's talking about are only $80 and marketed as a toy (the photo looks super science fiction because I tweaked it — a lot).

Nik does not have a pair of night vision goggles, but that night in the barn is not the first time she's wanted them. After all, she is an aspiring teen sleuth, but I don't want her interest in them to make her seem weird or creepy. Honestly, night vision goggles are weird and creepy, even when marketed as a toy.

I am hoping for feedback on this one. Do I ditch her desire for night vision goggles or can it coexist with a the image of a wholesome teenage sleuth? What would Nancy Drew do?


  1. Heck yeah, if she is a sleuth, she needs her tools of the trade. As a kid, I would have worn them night and day.

  2. Night vision goggles are cool. They're only creepy in the hands of 35-year-old men who still live with their moms.