Monday, September 14, 2009

color monday: hydrangeas & honeysuckle

Spring symbolizes new beginnings and green is its color. But I also look forward to new beginnings in Fall, when hot colors blaze like embers.

In the same way trees discard their leaves and gather nutrients deep inside their roots where no one can see, so do we have new beginnings in shedding what's no longer needed and turning inside to find where we will begin again.

What new beginnings to these colors suggest to you? Pruning your hydrangeas, making a quilt, taking down a jar of summer picked raspberry jam?

These colors were inspired by a fading peegee hydrangea, a still blooming honeysuckle and a maple leaf so darkly green it looks like I'm seeing it by moonlight.


  1. Hi Karen
    For some reason I have never (till now) been able to navigate to this blog. I think it's me...I am still developing gray matter in the area that helps with digital logic.
    Beautiful colors..all of them! See you soon!

  2. This is such an appropriate post for me this week! Thanks.