Sunday, February 22, 2009

color palette: guanajuato

I'm working on getting my submission of The Nik Notebooks, Volume One: THE SILVER SERPENT ready to send to an editor. My goal is to have my packet finished for one final review by my critique group before I kiss it goodbye, wish it luck, and drop it in the mail. Our critique group meets again on the 12th of March!

I will be sending a four-page full color art sample, put together in booklet form — which includes a cast of characters — my manuscript, a cover letter, and synopsis. This is what the editor requested. For now, this editor and the house will remain anonymous.

This is the color palette I will be working with to color the booklet. I developed the palette by eyeballing this colorful photo of a hillside in Guananjuato, where THE SILVER SERPENT takes place, and then working with the cmyk sliders in Adobe Illustrator. The photo is by Emmanuelle Lattes.

Here you can see the photo and the palette I developed from it. I love working with color. Developing palettes is funfunfun! It is great to be back on track again after a long illness. My submission is months behind schedule, but we are nearing the finish line at last! I better get to work now!

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