Monday, June 13, 2011

furry house guests

My friend Jackie recently adopted two dogs, Paco and Annie, who were dropped off together at the pound. Annie had passed her prime for birthing babies and they waited three months to be adopted. The pound would not separate them. While browsing the Human SocietyAdoption Site online, a friend of Jackie's saw them and said to herself: Who would adopt two ten year old chihuahuas? Certainly not the kind of people who dropped them off at the pound once they outlived their usefulness as breeders. Later, Jackie visited her friend and introduced her to the pair and got her answer as to who would adopt them. 

Paco's missing most of his teeth and his pink tongue pokes out the side of his mouth for lack of a tooth cage. Annie weighs only four pounds and has long hair. Mellower than even Maximo and Lulu (this says a lot, as my dogs's mellow dispositions are often commented on by friends and strangers alike). My dogs have met their mellow matches.

Initially, Maximo, growled at them when they got too close to his spot in the window, but by the end of the week they all had a spot in the window.

This sketch was done super quickly with grease pencil on trace. Here's to furry house guests!

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