Wednesday, January 20, 2010

color palette: blackberry

The blackberry, with it's thorns, blossoms, and berries, symbolizes my life of late. The thorns, of course, are pain. The blossoms, beauty, that persists in spite of everything. And the berries? Well, they are the fruit of my love, and labor, and though the berries are long gone from their vines, I have jam by the jarful.

I made this palette before the blossoms became berries, as you can see by the dusky pink. The blackberry blushed furiously from within her green leaves, perhaps from being slowly stripped by cold nights, and the raw winds of winter.

So, with this post I am back to blogging, and I want to let my readers know that you are my blossoms, and my fruit. Thank you for making the thorns bearable.

Now I'm going to eat jam from the jar with a spoon.