Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the fate of one peach

My cousin Freddie told me a story of how, when he was a little boy in the Netherlands, his family had a picnic at a park. A fat man sat nearby, eating a juicy peach. When he was done, he tossed the peach pit over his shoulder and walked away. Freddie's father picked it up and wrapped it in his hankie.

Freddie's father took his treasure home, dug a hole in the yard and planted the pit. Slowly, the pit grew into a tree. Freddie said that the tree produced the juiciest peaches.

I love this story, and think it could be illustrated in a book without words. A peach, eaten, pit discarded, pit salvaged, planted and grown into a tree covered with fruit year after year. This drawing is from a little sketchbook I carry around with me everywhere. The fate of one peach.

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